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Kononykheen Breed Twelve

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Kononykheen Breed Twelve delivers traditional tone of warmth and contemporary playability features. First, it's Kononykheen Speedplay neck profile which proved himself as a "fingers highway" without any speed limits. Second, have you ever heard how fine mahogany resonates and feels with 25.5 scale? Same vintage spirit enriched with more energy. Unboring heritage vibes. Matching neck color with black headstock is a beautiful visual rhyme for burst body finish with 3-ply Black-White-Black pickguard. Lamp amplifier strongly recommended.

Kononykheen Breed Twelve: Grand Respect to Traditions



Mahogany neck and body together with wenge fretboard arose to be the best for bluesy tunes. Neck contiguous with body without glue layer for better wood-to-wood contact and therefore better implementation of guitar's character



True classic with superior tone and natural low-mids. Maximally adapted to bring all frequencies and overtones of mahogany wood resonance. Each one is specially calibrated for its position



Tasty 60s style exterior not only bring you best of nostalgic vintage look. It also talks itself — Kononykheen Breed Twelve sounds as splendid as it looks

Basic model SS-15
Dexterity (orientation) Right
Headstock SS-15
Scale 25.5`(647.7 mm)
Neck joint method 4 bolts, black neckplate
No. of frets 22
Frets Cupronickel, 2.2 mm
Neck profile


Optimal «C».

Thickness at 1st fret: 0.800“ 12th fret: 0.875“

Fretboard radius Speedplay 16“
Nut width 1.685“ (42.8 mm)
Body wood Mahogany
Neck wood Mahogany
Fretboard wood Wenge
Neck pickup

Kononykheen Regular alnico magnet humbucker. Noiseshield chrome cover. Specifically voiced for neck position. 7.2K 4.2H

Bridge pickup

Kononykheen Regular alnico magnet humbucker. Noiseshield chrome cover. Specifically voiced for bridge position. 8.2K 5.0H

Bridge Kononykheen Premium strings-thru bridge. Bridge base plate transmits resonance from strings to body. Steel saddle, string spacing 10.8 mm
Machine head Kononykheen Regular Model-B

Kononykheen Bittersweet Cherry Burst

Binding Creme binding on body front and neck
Pickguard 3-ply Black-White-Black
Inlay Blocks
Controls Master volume + tone + 3-positional switch
Hardware color Black



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