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We know how to build excellent guitars and we trully love our job

Wanna be an official Kononykheen Artist? We welcome all kinds of talented guitar players to our family!

We provide for you:

  • Featuring you in our media. We`ll anounce your gigs, tours, releases and more.
  • Featuring you on our website. Example: — those players are forever in Kononykheen history
  • Artists Prices for Kononykheen Guitars (we don't send “free guitar” to anyone, even to superstars)
  • Free shipment. Disregarding where do you live
  • No strict obligations: you are free to combine Kononykheen with other gear and don't have to use Kononykheen gear exclusively

From your side:

  • Send us photos and videos – so we can post these materials to show you as Kononykheen Artist
  • People may ask you how does it feels to play Kononykheen. Spread your honest word on Kononykheen gear

Get started now!

  • Mail it us at  <>
  • Tell us about yourself briefly
  • Link us some of your music-related pages (Instagram and Facebook are preferrable. YouTube, BandCamp, ReverbNation etc. are fine too)
  • If needed we`ll require some additional info from you

See «Artists» section below? Those are best of bests who took part in this program. If you engage you also get a chance for your personal Artist Profile there.

Kononykheen Guitars independent company and this is not only a matter of «music business» for us. It's about gathering coolest guitar players community.



We ship worldwide

We have experience of shipping to all continents except Antarctica. Usually shipment takes about 10 days, but exact shipment time & cost depend on your shipping destination. Don't worry about your Kononykheen, each guitar packed carefully and safely. Please note that order processing can take up to 3 days!


PayPal is preferrable payment method

It is the most safe and secure online payment system. Don't worry about PayPal fees, if there are any fees from PayPal we take it on ourselves. You pay only the pure price, without any taxes. But customs policy is different from country to country, so please keep in mind your national import tax

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