Kononykheen Breed Forty Seven

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Kononykheen Breed Forty Seven is like a metalhead in a business suit. Cool, calm, classy, but thanks to deep bass and low-mid vibes Kononykheen Breed Forty Seven can handle the heaviest styles and fuzziest pedals. And it also copes on cleans perfectly — but again: Breed Forty Seven becomes really mad once you hit distortion. 

This baritone guitar can do everything a normal baritone can do plus deepest djents and the most merciless thalls. Thanks to optimally smooth neck finish Breed Forty Seven delivers perfect playability and true pleasure for your fingers. Black hardware and calibrated weight balanced body packed into a Kononykheen Richmond Burst gloss finish. Large strings-thru fixed bridge plus perfectly matched pickups complete it all providing eminent tone diversity and whizzbang sustain. 

Like all Kononykheen models, Breed Forty Seven is a limited series production, and thus, only available for a limited period. Once the series limit is reached, it is our promise to never build the Kononykheen Breed Forty Seven ever again. Never. Be confident about the fact you own a rare and unique guitar

Kononykheen Breed Forty Seven: Barbarian Baritone

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Finest 3-piece ash provides excellent resonance for all frequencies. Body and hard maple neck are joint with 4 bolts - that provides tight wood-to-wood contact, without glue or any other external material


It`s not screaming like it`s the most evil guitar around. Calm and classy appearance make its sound even more agressive on overloaded rigs. And it can rock really hard



Plate-style bridge provides the ultimate transmission of vibration from strings-to-body. Six zinc saddles create a splendid intonation and long sustain
Basic model Drifter Baritone
Dexterity (orientation) Right
Headstock Reverse Speedster
Scale 30` (762 mm)
Neck joint method 4 bolts
No. of frets 22
Frets Cupronickel, 2.7 mm
Neck profile


Optimal «C».

Thickness at 1st fret: 0.94“

...at 12th fret: 1.20“

Fretboard radius Speedplay 14“
Nut width 1.73` (44 mm)
Body wood 3-piece Ash
Neck wood Hard Maple with Rosewood skunk stripe and satin finish
Fretboard wood Rosewood
Neck pickup Kononykheen Regular soapbar single coil. High saturated sound. Specifically voiced for neck position. 7.1K 5.0H
Bridge pickup

Kononykheen Regular Alnico V bar magnet, 12 adjustable pole piece. Specifically voiced for bridge position. 15.7K 9.5H

Bridge Kononykheen Regular wide base fixed bridge, strings thru body, string spacing 10.8 mm
Machine head Kononykheen Regular Die-cast

Kononykheen Richmond Burst gloss. Black headstock

Controls Master volume + Tone control + 3-position switch
Hardware color Black

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