Kononykheen Breed Forty One

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Don't be confused with Kononykheen Breed Forty One’s mild appearance. It can kick really hard

If you are into the contemporary rock of all kinds, of course, you’ll need turbocharged wheels for this ride. Its features include rounded body contours, transparent gloss finish, and an ultimately balanced pickups-to-wood combination. You will be noticed on stage with its unbeatable style, and you’ll be clearly heard from the band’s sound with its distinctive tone. This guitar resonates loudly even without an amp: the clean tone will bring you a punchy attack with natural sustain

And, as any other Kononykheen model, Breed Forty One goes in limited series and thus available only for limited period. Once the series limit is reached we give public promise to not build Breed Forty One anymore. Never. So you'll be confident about the fact you own rare and unique guitar

Kononykheen Breed Forty One: Rock Railgun

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Comfortable to hold and hand-friendly. In addition to being comfortable while playing, the contemporary neck profile decreases the mass of the guitar and provides a comfy and natural weight and balance for the whole guitar. Gloss lacquer on the neck and oiled fretboard — an unbeatable tactile impression


Designed to the smallest detail. If you are looking for a metal guitar, you will be pleasantly surprised: Kononykheen Breed Forty One can also become your favorite clean tone guitar



It`s not screaming like it`s the evilest guitar around. Calm and classy appearance makes an unexpectedly contrast appearance with its aggressive temper
Basic model Drifter
Dexterity (orientation) Right
Headstock Reverse Rollercoaster
Scale 25.5`(647.7 mm)
Neck joint method 4 bolts
No. of frets 22
Frets Cupronickel, 2.7 mm
Neck profile


Optimal «C».

Thickness at 1st fret: 0.800“

...at 12th fret: 0.875“

Fretboard radius Speedplay 14“
Nut width 1.685“ (42.8 mm)
Body wood 3-piece Ash
Neck wood Hard maple with gloss lacquer
Fretboard wood Oiled Blackwood
Neck pickup

Kononykheen Regular ferrite & alnico-V magnet humbucker. Specifically voiced for neck position. 14.5K 6.3H

Bridge pickup

Kononykheen Regular ferrite & alnico-V magnet humbucker. Specifically voiced for bridge position. 14.7K 6.4H

Bridge Kononykheen Regular hardtail, string spacing 10.8 mm
Machine head Wilkinson WJN-07 Nickel. Mission 1:19

Tailgate Red transparent (wood grains are visible). Black headstock face solid (wood grains are not visible)

Controls Master volume + Tone control + 3-position switch
Hardware color Black


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