Kononykheen Breed Forty Three

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Now that one sounds large! Your acquaintance with Kononykheen Breed Forty Three will start from a pleasant tactile feeling from a smooth satin neck & body. And it will get you ready to dive into the low thunderous tone depth right away after you plug it. Be prepared and make sure to fasten your seatbelt. Let’s roam

And, as any other Kononykheen model, Breed Forty Three goes in limited series and thus available only for limited period. Once the series limit is reached we give public promise to not build Breed Forty Three anymore. Never. So you'll be confident about the fact you own rare and unique bass

Kononykheen Breed Forty Three: Heavy Duty

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Fast, comfortable, contemporary. You’ll love how it feels in your hands. Natural satin finish for a pleasant smooth grip


Wicked ones. Unlike most of other bass guitars, Kononykheen Breed Forty Three pickup selector allows you to change the tone right in the middle of the song



Keeps the bass in tune and complements its style perfectly. Open mechanism tuners expose Kononykheen Breed Forty Three freedom-loving nature
Basic model Radiola bass
Dexterity (orientation) Right
Headstock Speedster
Scale 34` (863.6 mm)
Neck joint method 4 bolts
No. of frets 22
Frets Cupronickel, 2.7 mm
Neck profile


Optimal «C».

Thickness at 1st fret: 0.830“

...at 12th fret: 0.980“

Fretboard radius Speedplay 12“
Nut width 1.81“ (46 mm)
Body wood 3-piece Basswood
Neck wood Hard maple with satin finish
Fretboard wood Blackwood
Neck pickup

Kononykheen Premium ferrite & alnico-V magnet. Groovy tone with clear mids. 8.3K 3.0H

Bridge pickup Kononykheen Regular ferrite & alnico-V magnet. 12.4K 10.1H
Bridge Kononykheen Regular, string spacing 16 mm
Machine head Kononykheen Regular with open mechanism

Coal Black satin

Controls Master volume + Tone control + 3-position switch
Hardware color Black

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