Kononykheen Breed Forty Nine

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Fancy pink full-size sedans are out of fashion? Who said that?

Thanks to the finest wood it sounds loud even unplugged: you can hear and feel that strong resonance when you hit Kononykheen Breed Forty Nine strings

We worked carefully to achieve the perfect wood-to-electronic balance: this wood and these pickups are made for each other. Middle and neck pickups placed closely: it really makes difference from other 3-pickups guitars when you switch to the 4th pickups selector position

Inspired by the great heritage of American rock'n'roll music and by big engine cars. Fanciest appearance will get you noticed on the stage. Real men wear pink!

Like all Kononykheen models, Breed Forty Nine is a limited series production, and thus, only available for a limited period. Once the series limit is reached, it is our promise to never build the Kononykheen Breed Forty Nine ever again. Never. Be confident about the fact you own a rare and unique guitar

Kononykheen Breed Forty Nine: The Pink King

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Medium-roasted maple provides even more crispy sound and brighter attack compared to regular maple. And that dry smooth feel of stain finish, mmm... Bon appetit!


A perfect match for this particular wood. Humbucker has a coil tap option for a wider tone range and more daring tone experiments



Bold & balanced. Bravely shouts but doesn't scream hysterically. It's the "Wow, your gig was awesome! What's that guitar you were playing?" type of instrument
Basic model Rollercoaster
Dexterity (orientation) Right
Headstock Speedster
Scale 25.5`(647.7 mm)
Neck joint method 4 bolts
No. of frets 22
Frets Cupronickel, 2.7 mm
Neck profile


Optimal «C».

Thickness at 1st fret: 0.67“

...at 12th fret: 0.75“

Fretboard radius Speedplay 14“
Nut width 1.685“ (42.8 mm)
Body wood 3-piece Basswood
Neck wood Roasted Maple with satin poly lacquer
Fretboard wood Roasted Maple with satin poly lacquer
Neck pickup Kononykheen Regular ferrite magnet single coil. 5.9K 2.3H
Middle pickup Kononykheen Regular ferrite magnet single coil. 5.8K 2.2H
Bridge pickup

Kononykheen Regular ferrite & alnico-V magnet humbucker with coil tap option. Specifically voiced for bridge position. 8.5K 4.0H

Bridge Kononykheen Regular non-locking tremolo. Chrome finish, zinc saddle, string spacing 10.5 mm
Machine head Kononykheen Regular Model-A

Kononykheen Pink Haze satin

Controls Master volume + Tone control + 5-position switch + Coil tap switch for humbucker
Hardware color Black

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