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Shipping worldwide
We know how to build excellent guitars and we truly love our job


Every Kononykheen model goes in limited series

Each Kononykheen model is built to be a personality with its own individual tone & temper. We limit each model production at 200 items or less. After we get model out of production we give public promise to not build it anymore. Never. So Kononykheen owners can be confident about their guitar rarity.



Outstanding playability for ultimate playing experience

95% who tried Kononykheen guitars like them.

63% of Kononykheen owners said it`s best guitar for the price

18% of Kononykheen owners bought another model shortly

"Best neck I've ever played!", "My Kononykheen is my #1 guitar now!" - approved by professional guitar players and guitar enthusiasts from all over the world.


We ship worldwide

We have experience of shipping to all continents except Antarctica. Usually shipment takes about 10-15 days, but it also depends on shipping destination. Don't worry about your Kononykheen, each guitar packed carefully and safely. Please note that order processing can take up to 3 days!


Visa / Mastercard / PayPal etc.

You can checkout with most popular payment systems right on our website. All transactions are safe and secure. Easy to pay, pleasant for play! If you are not sure that Kononykheen will fit you - no problem: you have a test drive period. And after that you can return guitar if it doesn’t meet your expectations. Please check Warranty & return policy for details

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Kononykheen Guitars 690063, Primorskaya str.1, Vladivostok, Primorskiy kray, Russia Get in touch

About us

Every guitar player knows that sometimes the instrument has a character. Something you can feel but can’t measure. Our guitars have it

Every Kononykheen model goes in limited series

We got hundreeds ideas for new outstanding models and that's how we do:

  • Step 1: sorting those ideas and pick the best one
  • Step 2: after careful projecting and prototyping we launch new model
  • Step 3: after nearly 4-6 months or so we retire it and go to step 1

Therefore every our model available only for a short time. We don't produce hundreds of different models at a time to keep focused on really best ones. We don't build tons of guitars everyday so if you own Kononykheen guitar you can be confident about its rarity

Perfectly optimized production process

Therefore fair price. Making an extraordinary pro instrument under 1000 dollars price tag - this is what we live for

Who plays Kononykheen

  • Hard working musicians: Kononykheen instruments are perfect for long tours and hot gigs
  • Frontmen / Guitarist-vocalists / Band leaders: thanks to outstanding playability Kononykheen guitars are highly valued by singing guitarists, who need to be concentrated on vocals and playing at the same time
  • Experimental / Avant-garde / Indipendend music players: traditional heritage with a slight contemporary spice is the style adored by many musicians
  • Guitar players from all over the world: we have experince shipping to USA, Europe, Japan, Australia, Latin America - worldwide!

Why Choose Kononykheen?

Reliable instruments for long tours and hot gigs
Each model goes in limited series. Be sure you own rare guitar
Optimized production process and therefore fair price
Perfectly playable as for frontman and for lead guitarist
Shipping worldwide. Join our international players family!
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