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Mauricio Loureiro
Mauricio Loureiro

Mauricio Loureiro

Mauricio Loureiro —  guitars in Animals band (Pop-rock), Pessoas Sombra band (Alternative rock), Brazil

By the time Mauricio joined Kononykheen family he`ve been playing for 17 years already.

Mauricio have experience touring to Rio de Janeiro, Rio Das Ostras, Macaé, Cabo Frio, Petrópolis, Teresópolis and other cities of Brazil. Besides, he played in Vitória and Glória in Spain. In Animals band they are into Maroon 5 tribute mainly, and that`s why Mauricio has such tasty and juicy pop-rock playing stlye. And of course his personal manner influenced by the wide variety of genres which Mauricio plays, it includes Pop, Pop-Rock, RnB, Funk, Alternative and Metal.


Mauricio is endorser of Kononykheen Breed Six models

Everton Viana
Everton Viana

Everton Viana

Everton de Medeiros Viana – multi-instrumentalist / guitars at “Drakensberg”, USA




Born in Cuiba, Matogrosso (Brazil), and raised at Salvador-Bahia, currently Everton lives in New York City (USA). He seeks to express the feeling of its history as a form of inspiration with instrumental music, aiming to improvise and capture the sound of singular form through the weight of his powerful riffs and arrangements. Everton graduated from "Universidade Federal da Bahia” and "Conservatorio Pernanbucano de Musica", Brazil, and by the time he joined Kononykheen family Everton have been playing guitar already for 25+ years.

His touring experience includes New York, New Jersey, Oregon, Salvador, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Cuiaba and many other places, mostly in USA and Brazil.

As a professional guitarist, Everton has a dizzy experience playing with notable musicians:

  • Silvio Switha (“The Voice” show Finalist)
  • Conductor Butch Imhoff
  • Conductor Angelo Castro
  • Shout of Mercy
  • Deathrasher
  • Monticelli
  • The Hugues
  • Banda Ceu Ze
  • A Maquina do Mundo
  • Cartimplex
  • Moonshine Band
  • Changala
  • Giovanni Amorin
  • Paulo Garcia
  • Ralph Mathyas

...and this is only a small part of this list!

Everton is endorser of Kononykheen Breed Seven model

Lukas Kugler
Lukas Kugler

Lukas Kugler

Lukas Kugler — solo artist, Germany

Born in Boblingen, Germany, Lukas started to play bass in Local Tragedy, but now, after 5 years playing guitar, he played in Hidden Symmetries band till autumn of 2017. Lukas has been touring in Reutlingen, Boblingen and Stuttgart. Influenced by Jimi Hendrix, Joy Division and Pink Floyd, mixed with the Doors and some melancholic rock, his style is mainly at some blues and a little funk. Not stopping only on these genres, Lukas likes to try out different things. Fan of guitar modifying and a pedals guy. Talking about his playing skills, Lukas is thankful to his old guitar teacher — Marko Sirac.

Nowadays Lukas preparing his new project and ready to launch it as soon as he finds musicians for it — so there are good`n`loud news coming up soon!

Lukas is endorser of Kononykheen Breed Four and Kononykheen Breed Six models

Andrew Hacksaw Harney
Andrew Hacksaw Harney

Andrew Hacksaw Harney

Andrew Hacksaw Harney — Andrew Hacksaw Harney Trio band, solo artist, USA.

Andrew was born in Beverly Massachusetts, United States. He plays mainly jazz and blues, but also hits rock and funk as well. His style is influenced by Shawn Lane, Lenny Breau, Danny Gatton, Roy Buchanan, Albert Collins, Gatemouth Brown, Jimmy Ponder, Melvin Sparks and Boogaloo Jones.

Andrew got his head fully into guitar playing, this is only a brief parts of his experience:

- opening for The Jon Butcher Axis at the Larcom Theater

- playing with Ashley Jordan at the Burren in Somerville, MA

- opening for Blues Guitarist Popa Chubby in New Hampshire

He also played with:

- Timo Shanko of G Love and Special Sauce

- Amadee Castenell (sax player for Elvis Costello and Paul McCartney)

- Paul Lieberman of Jaimoe’s Jasssz Band and Allman Brothers

- members of The James Montgomery Band

- members of Harper and Midwest Kind

- Barrence Whitfield and the Savages

- Ashley Jordan (was nominated in Grammy Award in her 23 years old)

Having 6 own albums already, Andrew is an experienced guitar teacher. Besides guitar, he also givr classes for 11 (ELEVEN!) other instruments including bass, banjo, mandolin, trombone, violin and else. Andrew have his own Band, Andrew Hacksaw Harney Trio, but you still have a chance to play with him, as he engages in session work too.

Andrew Hacksaw Harney is endorser of Kononykheen Breed Four and Kononykheen Breed Seven models. And he was the first who discovered potential of Kononykheen guitars for jazz music.


Daniel Vásquez
Daniel Vásquez

Daniel Vásquez

Daniel Vásquez — guitars / back vocals in Suburbia band, Colombia

Suburbia is a rock experience where the stories and energy of 4 musicians blend with guitar riffs, aggressive bass and overwhelming drums:

  • Francisco Andrade (Voice and Guitar)
  • Daniel Vásquez (Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals)
  • Christian Vásquez (Bass and Backing Vocals)
  • Felipe Borda (Drums)

Suburbia was born of the dream of bassist and founder Christian Vásquez in 2005 and continues with his brother Daniel in the lead guitar who joins in 2007. The process is strengthened in 2010 with Francisco Andrade, who brings force in the voice and guitar and finally the group is completed in 2011 with Felipe Borda on drums, to give the finishing touch to the style they are looking for.

In June of 2011, the recording of his album in AllMusic Studios Cali begins, during which process Julio Rámirez, who helps to polish and develop the sound of the band, is added as producer. In 2014 materializes the dream of having their first album which they call IRREVERSIBLE, as a statement of what this step represents for their musical career.

Currently Suburbia have 4 Lyric videos and 2 videoclips + shows in Cali, Bogotá, Buga, Palmira, Pereira, Manizales, Popayán and Guayaquil (Ecuador) promoting and presenting their music and with the fixed mind to be able to reach bigger stages both inside and outside Colombia.

  • In September 2012 Suburbia won ALTER ROCK 2012 organized in Cali.
  • The first single "Instinto" is released on April 2, 2013 and the videoclip of the same was released on August 13, 2013.
  • The album IRREVERSIBLE was released on August 20th, 2014.
  • Shortly after, SUBURBIA won the AGUILA EN VIVO Band War organized by Bavaria (Beer Company)
  • They also be the opening act of the Jarabe Of Palo show in Cali, November 8th, 2014.

Suburbia has outstanding show & tour experience. Most notable performances were:

  • Universidad del Valle, Cali (November 18th of 2011)
  • Ozzy Bar, Bogotá (Mayo 4th of 2012) Con ENePEI y Vulgarxito
  • Hard Rock Café, Bogotá (June 13th of 2012)
  • Palermo Bar, Cali (September 14th y 28th of 2012) ALTEROCK 2012 Ganadores.


  • Bourbon St. Bar, Cali (April 20th of 2013)
  • La Estación del Expreso Bar, Bogotá (June 15th of 2013)
  • Mamut Fest Buga (July 19th of 2013)
  • Hard Rock Café Bogotá (April 16th of 2014)


  • * Winners of the War of Bands Aguila VIVO 2014 in:
  • * Alterno Bar Cali (November 1th of 2014)
  • * Carpa Club San Fernando Cali - Final- (November 7th of 2014)
  • Carpa Club San Fernando Cali -Jabare Of Palo - Opener (Nov. 8th of 2014)
  • Festival Calibre 2014, Parque Of la Retreta Cali (Nov. 9th of 2014)
  • Music Stage Festival, Centro Cultural Comfandi Cali (Nov.16th of 2014)
  • Rock Al Patio - Mikasa Bar, Cali (April 9th of 2015)
  • Smoking Molly, Bogotá (April 30th of 2015)
  • La Fuente De Soda, Cali (May 8th of 2015)


  • La Radio Rock & Food, Popayán (April 30th of 2016)
  • Malagana Rock - Rockeate La Retreta, Palmira (June 18th of 2016)
  • Patricio Stiglich Project en Cali, Opener (July 23th of 2016)
  • Acido Bar - Junto a Arteus, Bogotá (September 10th of 2016)
  • Auditorio Earle Sherman - Lanzamiento Álbum Los Hotpants, Cali (October 26th of 2016)
  • Auditorio Comfandi - Premios Culebra, Cali (October 31th of 2016)
  • Malagana Rock 2016 Cierre, Palmira (November 11th of 2016)
  • Festival Calibre/Cruzada Ofl Fuego 2016, Cali (November 12th and 13th of 2016)
  • Unifest - II Festival Universitaria Estéreo, Pereira (November 24th of 2016)


  • Silmaril Cafe Rock - with Whitenoise and Niebla Tribal, Manizales (January 26th of 2017)
  • Festival Rock in FACSO, Guayaquil, Ecuador. (February 24th of 2017). First International Show.
  • El Cubo Plaza Comercial, Popayán (March 11th of 2017)
  • Festival Unirock 2017, Cali (April 7th of 2017)

Daniel Vásquez, guitarist of Suburbia, is from Cali, Colombia, began in music at the age of 10. At 11 he started on guitar, a year later had his first gig in his neighborhood Salomia, then participated in the salsa orchestra of the school La Merced and also of the school Republica Of Israel as bassist.

Together with his friend they created the rock band of the School Leonistico and Daniel was the lead guitarist for 3 years. At the 14 years he had live show for the first. At 15 years old Daniel entered to "TierraOfntro", the band of his brother that later will be called SUBURBIA. That same year he played in different places, and became lead guitarist of the band of the Santiago Of Cali University Band.

At 19 Daniel participated in the band "Toke Of Keda" on the Heineken tour of the single "Ando buscando un beso". They playe in Cali, Bogotá, Medellin, Barranquilla, Popayan, Bucaramanga and a concert for RCN Radio and finally in Manizales in the Plaza Of Toros concert with Jorge Gonzales (Vocalist of Los Prisioneros) from Argentina and Vilma Palma Of Chile.

In 2012, at the open-air theater Los Cristales in Cali be the director of the tribute to the Cali Rock Festival Calibre with especial guest Diego Zola (Mr. Fong), Pipe Bravo Of Superlitio, Jorge Fresquet of Kronos and Mauricio Camacho of Toke De Keda.

Daniel is together with SUBURBIA since 2007. He is a very organic guitar player and has a very strong sound that explores different types of music styles: from the seventies to the most contemporary melodies. Besides Kononykheen, Daniel like to work mainly with Fender, G&L and PSR guitars, VOX, Laney, Mesa, Orange and Fender amps. His greatest influences in technical, instrumental and musical development are: David Gilmour, Robert Fripp, Jimi Hendrix, John Petrucci and Chris Shifflet.

Daniel is endorser of Kononykheen Breed Four model

Vladi Albornoz
Vladi Albornoz

Vladi Albornoz

Vladi Albornoz – guitars in Fraktura band & DoceContraCuatro, Ecuador.

Vladi was born in Quito, Ecuador in 1985, and currently lives there.

By year 2017 he’ve been a guitarist for about 17 years and have played in several bands as main or guest musician. His experince includes genres such as ska, reggae, progressive rock, experimental, noise, heavy metal, thrash metal, trip-hop, pop, blues, gypsy jazz, Brazilian & Ecuadorian folk music, classic rock and his favorite: psych rock.

Vladi founded and currently playing in Fraktura band (Heavy Rock, Psych Rock & Metal).

And besides he is a part of acoustic instrumental & experimental rock duo project named “DoceContraCuatro”. This beautiful project combines 12-string guitar with bass guitar and performs several genres from Ecuadorian folk music to progressive rock.

Vladi runs a guitar school named “Play Guitar Studio“ dedicated to adult people who didn’t had the chance to learn music in a formal way and who feels excluded from musical education. Also Vladi runs a blog in Spanish related to “Play Guitar Studio“ activity.

Vladi have toured/performed in different cities of Ecuador’s, one of the most serious festivals was “Semana del Rock“ (Ecuador’s Rock Week), which takes place annualy and holds from 10 000 to 15 000 metalheads every year. Fraktura band has been invited four times already, and they’re looking for a fifth time on 2017.

Vladi's gear includes semi-acoustic guitar tuned with Seymour Duncan and DiMarzio Pickups, Grover tune machine heads and a custom coil splitting system. Also he owns two strats: Fender for standard blues and Squier for Chicago slide guitar blues in open tuning. Takamine 12-String acoustic-electric for “DoceContraCuatro” project, acoustic-electric Applause by Ovation for gypsy jazz, blues and folk, and a classical local made guitar from Guacan luthier: this one is for Brazilian and Ecuadorian traditional music. Cort modified bass for trip-hop jam sessions.

And of course Kononykheen Breed Four a.k.a. “Mother Russia” as his main rock weapon of choice.

Vladi was influenced by many guitar players, but there are few which may be taken as seminal to his playing style: Gabriele Fiori from Italian psych rock band Black Rainbows, David Gilmour, Jimi Hendrix, Carlos Santana, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Toni Iommi and Ritchie Blackmore from blues oriented rock. Adam Jones, Adrian Belew & Robert Fripp from progressive rock. Dimebag Darrell, Dave Mustaine and Joe Satriani from shredding and playing actually loud. Luis Alberto Spinetta & Pedro Aznar from Argentinian rock. Paúl Segovia from Ecuadorian progressive rock band Sal y Mileto. Tom Jobin & Celso Fonseca from Brazilian music. Django Reinhardt from gypsy jazz.

Most of Vladi's musical education came from the streets, playing near some respected local musicians and trying to learn everything he could from them, and trying to get as much info as possible from books, websites, private teachers and other fellow musicians. Another important part of Vladi's musical journey was when he went to Guitar Craft / Guitar Circle Seminars, 2 in person in Rosario, Argentina, and 4 at a distance. They gave a lot of material to work and helped Vladi to work on his technique as well as an approach to musicianship and personal practice. From this history Vladi had the chance to share some little time with Argentinian guitarist Fernando Kabusacki, a true master, and in a short moment he gave to Vladi the guitar lesson of his life.

Vladi have colaborated or worked with several great musicians:

  • Carlos Larrea – Lead Vocals for Narcosis and Fraktura
  • Edison Saavedra – Drummer in Ritualism and Fraktura
  • Franz Córdova – Bass Player from Misil, Mama Vudu, Fundamental, Mundos and Fraktura
  • Carlos Jacome – Bass Player and producer in DoceContraCuatro, Canal Dub, Fábrica de Viento & Fraktura
  • Fabian Romero – guitar and megatar player from Taluego, Pléroma, NST Quito Ensemble, La Chatarra, amongst several other bands
  • Alex Alvear – singer-songwritter and a household name in Ecuadorian contemporary music for the last half century
  • Amanda Vizén – guitar player, singer & songwriter
  • Tamia Libertad – trumpet player and Amanda Vizén main collaborator
  • Poli Giacometti – guitar player, singer & songwriter
  • Roberto Morales – jazz drummer and UDLA percussion instructor
  • Christian Munive – singer, guitar player, producer and songwriter
  • Rafael Albarrán – solo and session sax player.

Vladi is endorser of Kononykheen Breed Four model.


Daniel Rosales
Daniel Rosales

Daniel Rosales

Daniel Rosales — solo artist / session guitar player, USA

Expertise: Guitars, Classical Guitar, Electric Guitar

Credentials: Master in Music Performance (emphasis in classical guitar) from the University of Arizona as well as a Bachelor in Music Performance from Texas A&M University Corpus Christi. Daniel is a registered ASCAP singer-songwriter with two CD’s of original music with his former Latin/world Band Mundo, distributed through CD Baby.

Daniel Rosales was born in Los Angeles, California and was raised in Corpus Christi, Texas. He recently moved to Portland, Oregon after finishing his graduate degree in Music from the University of Arizona. He has been playing the guitar for about 19 years now, and has been involved in music for about 20.

His first band was a death metal/rock band named Thanatos in which he formed during his high school years with his good friends Alex Abecia, Andrew Ramos, and Chris Perez. He was also involved in a jazz band called the Blue Cat Jazz band combo that played around town during this time.

In his undergraduate college years he formed a latin/lounge band named Mundo along-side his friend and colleague Berk Agar, they would find success in their hometown and go on to record two CD’s with all original material. When Daniel moved from Texas to Tucson, Arizona to finish his master’s in music he joined a Cuban/Jazz band named Caña Brava led by Rico Quintero as well as a guitar/voice duo with his former colleague/neighbor and Opera singer Humberto Borboa called Los Neighbors.

Now Daniel Rosales plays as a soloist under the name, Daniel Rosales, as well as with a local country pop band fronted by the lovely and talented Dallas Brown, named the Dallas Brown Band, and occasional performs with local troubadours Peter Duff, Ben Rector, and Mark Bickerton.

Daniel Rosales is a talented and well-rounded musician who recently graduated from the University of Arizona with a master`s degree in music performance with an emphasis in Classical Guitar in the summer of 2015. Before then, he completed his Bachelor of Arts Degree in music from Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi spring 2010. Daniel has performed and taken lessons from many of the top classical guitarists in the world including David Russell, Roland Dyens, Sergio and Odair Assad, Pepe Romero, among many others. Although his main focus was classical music during his academic years, he has also dialed into other forms of genres such as Latin/World, Cuban/Salsa, Spanish Rock, Rock, Metal, Blues, Nuevo Flamenco, Jazz, Folk, and Singer-Songwriter.

Daniel has the unique ability to learn different styles of music with virtuosity and finesse. Rosales has two CD’s recorded with his former Latin/world band Mundo along-side his former colleague Berk Agar that includes all original music. He is also a registered ASCAP songwriter and is currently working on a solo CD be released in the year 2017. Currently he is performing weekly private and public gigs at multiple venues/restaurant/bars as a solo artist. He is also actively involved with gigs as part of the Dallas Brown Band. Apart from performing he also teaches at Reed College as a private music instructor, in the Portland, Oregon Metropolitan area.

Daniel loves to play and learn all styles of music but tends to favor Latin, Lounge, Pop, Rock, Spanish, Funk, R&B, Bossa-Nova, Classical, Country, Indie these days.

He has played at numerous different venues/places across the nation and world: Texas, Arizona, California, Oregon, Spain, Turkey, Mexico are among a few places.

Some of his most notable performances have taken place at recital halls at several Universities while studying classical guitar: The Performing Arts Center at Texas A&M University Corpus Christi; Holsclaw Hall at the University of Arizona. Other notable venues that Daniel has performed at are Casa Vicente and Monterey Court Studio Galleries and Cafe in Tucson, Arizona, and La Ponderosa in Portland, Oregon.

Apart from Kononykheen guitars he uses Fender, Córdoba, Epiphone/Gibson as well other classical guitar companies.

John Frusciante, Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix, Wes Montgomery, Omar Rodriguez, Yngwie Malmsteen, Sergio Vallín, Johnny Greenwood, Tom Jobim, Paco De Lucía, Carlos Santana, John Mayer, Agustín Barrios Mangóre, David Russell, Gipsy Kings, Aaron Abeyta (aka El Hefe) are among his most notable influences on his style.

Most notable musicians he has played with include Roberto Ortíz, Francisco Rosales, María Rosales, Alex Abecia, Andrew Ramos, Humberto Borboa, Roderick Eugene, Leah Simmons, Pablo Gonzales, Kaitrin Cunningham, Sam Feldman, Berk Agar, Rafael Imelda Martinez, Mike Ramon, Daniel Ramon, Carlos De León Jr. Rico, David Tutmark, Dallas Brown, Zach Bell, Jacob Lozano, Travis Ward, Mark Bickerton, Peter Duff, Benjamin Rector, Keith Justus, Andy Francis, Moe jq and Daniel Benavides.

Daniel is endorser of Kononykheen Breed Four model

Jorge Raul
Jorge Raul

Jorge Raul

Jorge Raul - Dzandô rock band, solo artist, Brazil

Music has been a passion for Jorge since he was a kid, started with the drums when he was 4. Then because of his older brothers he started to play guitar. By the time Jorge joined Kononykheen family he have been playing for 22 years already, and he was about to release medieval folk rock project together with his wife and also his first instrumental album.

Jorge was always keeping in mind that he would become a professional musician. He went to the EM&T (one of the biggest music school on Latin America) where he had experiences with very big guitar masters such as Christian McCarthy, Michel Leme, Mozart Mello, Edu Ardanuy and others.

He played in many bands, the biggest was “Primeiro Ato Rock Band” that played on big festivals as “Sampa Music Festival”, which put big national names and underground bands together. Teaching on music schools in Guarulhos – Jorge was the guitar course coordinator on a music school called Projeto Sonoro.

Nowadays Jorge is owner of his own music institute. Jorge founded the first independent record label in his city. He is also a producer and a successful youtuber.

Jorge is endorser of Kononykheen Breed Four model

Michael Wilson
Michael Wilson

Michael Wilson

Michael Myking Wilson — solo artist, USA




Gospel, R&B, blues, rock, reggae, jazz, fusion, soca, bachata, neosoul and the list goes on — that`s what Michael playing. By the time he joined Kononykheen family Michael have been playing guitar for 20 years already. Declaring himself mainly as solo artist, he also get engaged to play with different bands and touring with them. He have experience touring to Florida, Chicago, US Virgin Islands, Saint Martin, Puerto Rico etc., and played with such musicians like Leonardo Richardson, Nikita Christmas, Corey Stoot, Adrian Scott, Malaika Maxwell, Omari Banks, Shawn Wilkinson, Rosanna Castillo, Shawn Jacquet, Percy Rankin, Alicia Liverpool, KU-J and Petra Caramela.

Michael is endorser of Kononykheen Breed Seven model



Grant Konrad
Grant Konrad

Grant Konrad

Grant Konrad – solo artist, Australia





Grant have a great love for playing guitar. Influenced by Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix, Eddie Van Halen, Eric Clapton and Paul Kossoff, he like and play a number of different styles. Anything from hard rock to rockabilly and surf/garage punk but my main underpinning influence is blues based.

Grant have experience playing with famous Australian artists, like Jimmy Barnes and Johnny Diesel, and it's him who was lead singer / lead guitarist / songwriter of “The Cloaks” band in 2011.

By the time Grant joined Kononykheen family he've been playing guitar for 30 years already.

Grant is the very first Australian Kononykheen Artist and he is endorser of Kononykheen Breed Five model

Shehzad Bhanji
Shehzad Bhanji

Shehzad Bhanji

Shehzad Bhanji - Solo Artist, Qatar

Shehzad Bhanji is an instrumental rock guitarist whose powerful melodies have touched millions of hearts. He is also a financial marketer established in Doha, Qatar. While the two professions are not readily correlated, they play a vital role in configuring the musician’s life as it is today.

Shehzad, well-established in his career in financial marketing wasn’t yet fulfilled, so he decided to pick up where he left off in his music career. He was compelled by a deep desire to touch the lives of others through his music. The determined musician worked arduously to create his new sound. He allowed himself to draw inspiration from artists like Joe Satriani, Eric Johnson, David Gilmour to influence the works he created. His music is unprecedented in that its powerful melodies and the various instruments he uses are vast and wide. Shehzad uses instrumentals that force an emotional connection with its listeners. Every melody, every beautiful texture, every blend of sound narrates a story that takes the listeners on a unique inner journey.

After much development and refurbishing and with much support from his loving wife, Shehzad released his first album, «Never Say Goodbye» in February 2016, and his second «Profound Beginnings» in March 2017, as a solo instrumental guitarist. Since then, the album has received numerous positive reviews. He has been featured in Rolling Stone and other leading magazines and blogs. He enjoys participating in podcast discussions around music marketing in digital age.

He is keen to help upcoming musicians through his experience. Currently, he works with music NGO focused towards providing platform for upcoming musicians to showcase their talent. Shehzad is also part of organizing team for Qatar First National Music Competition.

By the time Shehzad joined Kononykheen family he has experience performing in Qatar, Germany, Pakistan and Australia. He is the first guitairst from Middle East to be endorsed.

Shehzad is the endorser of Kononykheen Breed Seven model

Elias Valencia
Elias Valencia

Elias Valencia

Elias Valencia — Singer-songwriter / Guitar player for Manantial De Fuego, USA

Manantial De Fuego is a 5 member Latin Alternative Rock band from Hesperia, California

Elias: Guitar / Vocals

Marty: Trumpet / Sax

Martin: Guitar

Daniel: Bass

Miguel: Drums

They have shared stage with bands like Molotov, Panteon Rococo, Maldita Vecindad, El Gran Silencio, Inspector, Celso Piña, Ozomatli, La Santa Cecilia and many others. Have experience of performing on such stages like House of Blues Sunset, Observatory OC, Staples Center Tailgate, The Airliner, Los Globos, Xalos OC and many more.

Watch their beautiful videos: Castígame, Te Recuerdo, Morir por tus Besos, Layla  

You can easily find their music on Spotify, Deezer and Pandora 

Elias is endorser of Kononykheen Breed Six model

Morgan Walper
Morgan Walper

Morgan Walper

Morgan Walper - guitar/vocals in Nuclear Feedback band, Canada

Morgan was born in Saint Pauls hospital, Saskatoon, Canada, on July 9 at 2:18 AM, and started playing guitar in June 2009, when he was 13. In high school he started a band called Mansion of Madness. Nowadays Morgan is a frontman of Nuclear Feedback, which is touring mainly to Central and Western Canada.

Morgan is a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, including guitar, bass, drums, keyboard and the violin. His manner is to take various metal styles and splice it with elements of blues, jazz and classical music. He considers the most insfluental musicians for his style are Chris Adler and Randy Blythe of Lamb of God, James Hetfield of Metallica, Beethoven, Louis Jordan, Randy Rhoads, Tool, Asking Alexandria.

Morgan likes checking out different guitar stores to sample the tones and sounds acheived by various brands and models of guitars. Besides Kononykheen, he also adores Ibanez RG-series, Paul Reed Smith and some others.

Morgan is endorser of Kononykheen Breed Four model.

Koji Fujiwara
Koji Fujiwara

Koji Fujiwara

Koji Fujiwara - guitar in Astlite band, Japan

Koji was born on Oct. 19, 1984, and now he have been playing guitar for 20 years already. Ifluenced by styles of John Frusciante, John Petrucci, Steve Lukather, Andy Timmons, Rotchie Kotzen, Mike Einziger, Siam Shade, Luna Sea, he plays an genre. Koji has experience of playing in many bands, but now he is a part of Astlite band. Koji's touring locations include Tokyo, Osaka, Kanagawa and Taiwan.

Played with Paul Gilbert. Koji Fujiwara is endorser of Kononykheen Breed Four model

Sal Moretta
Sal Moretta

Sal Moretta

Sal Moretta — guitars in Skonnie, USA

Sal Moretta began his musical journey on the keyboards when he was 11, performing in school shows and for friends. By the time he was 12, a good friend encouraged him to try guitar. Sal found his vocation as a guitarist and never looked back. He was spending considerable time each day focusing on truly becoming proficient in every aspect of classical, acoustic, and especially electric guitar. Soon he was immersed in the music of Malmsteen, spending hours mastering Malmsteen’s neoclassical style and legendary solos. He has also been influenced by other great guitar players: Paul Gilbert, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, and John Petrucci are among them. In his teens, Sal began to develop his own style, and now Sal Moretta’s unmistakable solos, melodies, and recognizable sound gives Skonnie Music its musical personality.

Sal has experience in touring to England, USA, Czech Republic, Italy and sharing stage with bands like Obituary, DGM, Saurom and Hatebreed.

Skonnie is made up of guitarist/composer Sal Moretta, and vocals/lyricist/flutist Connie (Coco) Yerbic. The name Skonnie (Sal and Connie) is symbolic of two different musical minds, joined together in complete harmony through their love of music, life, and everything positive. Skonnie’s belief is that there is far more in the world that unites us, rather than divides us. They are also use their creations with the knowledge that music can have a profound impact on the neurologically challenged, including stroke victims, Muscular Dystrophy, and other disorders, and Skonnie will strive always to be leaders in the music industry demonstrating the role of music in holistic medicine.

Sal is endorser of Kononykheen Breed Four model



Cenk Taner
Cenk Taner

Cenk Taner

Cenk Taner — vocals/guitar in Kesmeşeker band, Turkey.

Cenk is he most experienced musician and the live legend of rock music in Turkey. Released 8 albums, including two solo works: his first solo album, Permission Vermade Solitude, was released in 2001 and his second solo album, Outgoing Songs, was released in 2013. Under the leadership of Cenk Taner, the Kesmeşeker group released their debut album Dipten and Derinden in 1991. Cenk Taner, who is an important contributor in the history and development of Turkish rock music, still continues his musical life.

Kesmeşeker («Sugarcube») is a Turkish rock band, founded around 1990 by Cenk Taner (vocals, guitar), Belen Ünal (guitar), Tayfun Çağlar (vocals, bass), and Melih Rona (drums). After 20 years and eight recorded albums, only Cenk Taner of the founding members still continues to perform with the band. Apart from a few songs, the lyrics and music belong to Cenk Taner in all the songs.

Cenk Taner is featured artist of Kononykheen Breed Three model

Juan Meier
Juan Meier

Juan Meier

Juan Meier — solo artist, Argentina. 

One of the most notable guitar player, guitar teacher and opinion-maker in Argentina. He is paying guitar when he was 13, and started to touring from 17. Juan is also have experience of being endorser of Guild guitars, Reverend guitars, Stromberg guitars, Line 6 amps, KLD amps and many more.

Juan Meier is featured artist of Kononykheen Breed Three model


Suwat Kruekhuenpet
Suwat Kruekhuenpet

Suwat Kruekhuenpet

Suwat Bluesman - solo artist, Thailand

Living in Bangkok, Thailand, Suwat has a juicy blues/country playing style, which is recognizable from the very first notes. Working as a session guitarist, he also gives guitar classes. Besides offline lessons, he is also well-known for his online gutiar courses. Check his guitar school here:

Hidayet Can Özcan
Hidayet Can Özcan

Hidayet Can Özcan

Hidayet Can Özcan — vocals/guitar in 80 Kalibre, Turkey.

Hidayet began his musical career with his piano in the 90's. In the following years he began to concentrate on acoustic and electric guitars, and he started his first serious works as a leading guitarist between 1999 and 2000. He made his debut with Thrash. Soon after they began their work, they disintegrated for the sake of disagreement. Between the years 2000-2006, he became the leading guitarist in many groups with the breakup of his band. In the end of 2006 he decided to go to his own vocals and set up groups with the team he found from his own surroundings. In 2007 established 80 Kalibre band. 2008: Hidayet Can Özcan released his first album. After the success of this album, he took over Studio Azazel in 2009 and opened a studio where he can continue working with 80 Kalibre. At the beginning of 2011, he signed an album contract with 80 Kalibre in agreement with 2MT Productions. Other 80 Kalibre guitarist, Selim Işık, released his solo album in February of 2016. Hidayet established Metropolist Music, a new studio, after separating the roads of 80 Kalibre and 2MT productions.

Hidayet Can Özcan is featured artist of Kononykheen Breed Three model

Luis Lopez
Luis Lopez

Luis Lopez

Luis Lopez — solo artist, El Salvador.

Luis is Christ follower, session/live guitarist and guitar teacher. One of the most notable guitar players in El Salvador and a true beleiver.


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