We know how to build excellent guitars and we truly love our job.

  • Outstanding playability for ultimate playing experience
  • Rare and unique guitars – we limit each model production at 200 items or less (view models)
  • Perfectly optimized production process – therefore fair price (learn more about us)
  • Approved by professional guitar players and guitar enthusiasts from all over the world (check Feedback section)
  • Shipping worldwide. And you can return guitar if it doesn’t meet your expectations (check Warranty & return policy)

Right now we are running a promo program. Call it “promo deal” or “partial endorsement”, the idea is simple: you help us to get more publicity, we provide special conditions to you for Kononykheen guitars. You don't have to be a superstar and to tail huge following — we are appealing to hard working musicians and passionate guitar enthusiasts.

We don’t spend promo budget on sponsoring star guitar players with free stuff. Instead of this we prefer to bring Kononykheen closer to guitarheads all over the world! That’s the way we do advertisement.

What can we do for you

There are 2 basic things we support our people with:

1. Promotional support — we post about Kononykheen players all across our media. We`ll be anouncing your gigs, tours, releases and other important events. Or just publishing about you on regular basis in our soicals showing how cool you are to our fans&followers

2. Special conditions for Kononykheen instruments themselves

Special conditions?

There are different types of endorsement: full and partial, you can check it at Guitar World article

With most of guitar/bass players we work on the partial endorsement. That basically entails Artist Discount or something in beyond. This is the most suitable and convenient way for most of local famous musicians, and it doesn`t put any obligations on them

In rare occasions full endorsement is possible too, but only in case if you really can drive some hype for Kononykheen guitars among your audience. If you are looking «free guitar» right away from the start — sorry, can`t do. First off we`ll start from a partial endorsement, we`ll give you a transparent and measurable mechanics how to go to the next stage, and if it works for you — welcome to the full endorsement! But again, please evaluate your possibilities realistically and be ready to put some efforts


Get in!

  1. Message us in Facebook or drop a DM in Instagram or mail us at < kononykheen@gmail.com >
  2. We’ll ask you a few questions to know more about you 
  3. Pick up your favourite model(s) and we are good to go!

For us this is not only a matter of «music business». It's about gathering the coolest guitar players community!


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