About Us

Every guitar player is searching for that special instrument. One with a character all its own. One which connects the player to the music and makes him or her the best musician they can be. Our guitars are those instruments

We are an independent guitar company 

Our team is made up of current and former musicians and guitar junkies. Our extensive experience with all aspects of guitar craftsmanship is what sets us apart

Every Kononykheen model goes in limited series

We have hundreds of ideas for outstanding new models. They are selected through a painstaking three-step process:

  • Step 1: we sort design & construction concepts, and select the best one
  • Step 2: after careful design and prototyping, we launch new model
  • Step 3: after 4-6 months, we retire it and go back to the drawing board

As a result, every one of our models is available only for a short time. We don't produce hundreds of different types of guitars; we stay focused on the best ones. We don't build tons of guitars everyday, so if you own a Kononykheen you can be confident that you have purchased a rare instrument

Nowadays, there is no shortage of boutique guitar builders around. But there are also many talented guitar players who are limited by their budget. $5,000 guitars are cool, but the pricetag shouldn’t prevent musicians from making magic. That is why we are committed to making quality, affordable guitars that are perfect for all types of music-makers, from the garage players to the arena rockers

However, Kononykheen guitars are not "budget boutique". We met boutique guitars players who prefer to go touring with Kononykheen. Because "...it has all I need and I'm not afraid to take it outside". That’s why even touring musicians often reach for their Kononykheens. Our guitars are not intended to be wall art, although they are beautiful. They are tools of the trade – perfectly balanced instruments that the hard-working musician and the guitar aficionado alike can rely upon

Our recipe for fair pricing

  • Short model range: we don't purchase and stock thousands of parts - only those which we actually need
  • Affordable, quality parts: we work with Asian parts suppliers, some of the same ones that provide components for the big U.S. and Japanese brands, to make sure our parts are priced reasonably and function reliably
  • Optimized production and logistics: we have streamlined our building and shipping process to ensure prompt, reliable construction and delivery

Do we accept custom orders? No. We were started as a custom shop. But every experienced guitar builder knows that great wood and excellent parts don’t always equal an awesome guitar. The balance of components makes all the difference. That’s why we take extra care to ensure that every Kononykheen model is carefully planned out and perfectly balanced. Quite simply, we only build models that we ourselves would be happy to play. That's another way of saying that, when it comes to building quality guitars, we practice what we preach

Who plays Kononykheen 

  • Hard working musicians. Kononykheen instruments are perfect for long tours and demanding gigs
  • Frontmen / Guitarist-vocalists / Band leaders. Thanks to their outstanding playability, Kononykheen guitars are highly sought after by musicians who play multiple roles
  • Experimental / Avant-garde / Independent musicians. Kononykheen guitars marry traditional heritage with contemporary spice to create a style adored by musicians
  • Guitar players from all over the world. We are experienced shippers, with a global reach. Kononykheen customers can be found in the United States, Europe, Japan, Australia, and throughout Latin America

Feedback from Kononykheen owners

  • 95% of musicians who try Kononykheen guitars love them
  • 63% of Kononykheen owners say it is, quite simply, the best guitar for the price
  • 18% of Kononykheen owners bought another shortly thereafter
  • 11% said they want to play Kononykheen guitars only


We know how to build excellent guitars, and we truly love our job

Love, Kononykheen Guitars Co.


...and if you want to know even more about us check this longread



We ship worldwide

We are experienced shippers, and have sent guitars to every continent except Antarctica. Typical shipment takes approximately 10-15 days, depending on the shipping destination (however, there can be additional delays during pandemic lockdown period). After your order is processed (which can take up to three days), we will ship your guitar. Rest assured we pack each guitar carefully and securely


Visa / Mastercard / GooglePay

Our website accepts most payment systems, and all transactions are safe and secure. We make it easy and hassle-free to pay. If you’re not sure that a Kononykheen is right for you, there’s no need to worry. We offer a “test drive” period, after which you can return the guitar if it doesn’t meet your expectations. Please check our warranty and return policy for details and limitations

Contact us

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