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About Kononykheen

We are independent guitar company. Every our model goes in limited series — we keep our guitars rare and unique. We don`t build tons of different models at a time, it helps us to optimize parts’ and materials’ cost and – this is our recipe for an optimal pricing.

What's so special about Kononykheen guitars

Konohykheen guitars made to handle long tours and hot gigs. If you afraid to damage your boutique guitar - try Kononykheen: this is an excellent alternative. Designed to be a reliable instrument for actively working musician. Best weapon for gig wars. Kononykheen doesn't afraid of hard job, long tours, shows, rehearsals and recordings.

Who plays Kononykheen

Guitar players, who tours frequently and/or working in studio all day choose Kononykheen.

Do you think you're a good guitar player? You can't even imagine how good you are until you try Kononykheen. Very friendly necks with outstanding playability - Kononykheen will release your potential maximally. Thanks to outstanding playability Kononykheen guitars are highly valued by guitarist-vocalists. Kononykheen guitars are easy to play, and it is important for a frontman who have to be concentrated both on playing and singing.

Those players who try Kononykheen are rarely go back. Every musician know that sometimes there is character in instrument, something you can feel, but can’t measure. Our guitars have it.

Love, Kononykheen Guitars Co.



We ship worldwide

We have experience of shipping to all continents except Antarctica. Usually shipment takes about 10 days, but exact shipment time & cost depend on your shipping destination. Don't worry about your Kononykheen, each guitar packed carefully and safely. Please note that order processing can take up to 3 days!


PayPal is preferrable payment method

It is the most safe and secure online payment system. Don't worry about PayPal fees, if there are any fees from PayPal we take it on ourselves. You pay only the pure price, without any taxes. But customs policy is different from country to country, so please keep in mind your national import tax

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