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We know how to build excellent guitars and we truly love our job

About Kononykheen

Every guitar player knows that sometimes the instrument has a character. Something you can feel but can’t measure. Our guitars have it.

We are an independent guitar company 

The team of present/former musicians and guitar junkies at terminal stage of G.A.S. syndrome. Summarizing all the experience about all aspects of guitar craftsmanship, we found our own way where we are best

Every Kononykheen model goes in limited series

We`ve got hundreds of ideas for new outstanding models, and this is how we work:

  • Step 1: sorting those ideas and picking the best one
  • Step 2: after careful projecting and prototyping we`ll launch the new model
  • Step 3: after nearly 3 months or so we discontinue it and return to step 1

Therefore, every our model is available only for a short time. We don't produce hundreds of different models at a time to keep our focus on the best ones. We don't build tons of guitars everyday so if you own Kononykheen guitar you can be confident about its rarity

Nowadays, there are lots of boutique guitar builders around. And also many really talented guitar players which are constrained by budget. $5000 guitars are cool, but we saw guys and girls who make miracles behind the neck, and they want something unique and different, but simply can't afford "above thousand bucks" guitar. So here we are, Kononykheen Guitars

However, Kononykheen guitars are not "budget boutique". We met boutique guitars players who prefer to go touring with Kononykheen. Because " has all I need and I'm not afraid to take it outside". Kononykheen is not for hanging on the wall and looking cute. It's a perfectly balanced instrument for the hard-working musician, reliable and functional

Our recipe for fair pricing

  • Short model range: we don't purchase and stock thousands of parts - only those which we actually need
  • Best price-to-quality parts: yes, we work with Asian parts suppliers. It was a hard job to find best ones, but we did it. Same factories which supply parts and components for USA and Japan big brands
  • Optimized production and logistics

Do we accept custom orders? No. We were started as a custom shop. But every experienced guitar builder knows: awesome wood + awesome parts doesn't always equal to an awesome guitar. The instrument should be balanced. Every Kononykheen model is carefully projected and perfectly balanced - we build only those specs which we ourselves would be happy to play. That's fair: we profess what we preach.

Who plays Kononykheen 

  • Hard working musicians: Kononykheen instruments are perfect for long tours and hot gigs
  • Frontmen / Guitarist-vocalists / Band leaders: thanks to outstanding playability Kononykheen guitars are highly valued by singing guitarists, who need to be concentrated on vocals and playing at the same time
  • Experimental / Avant-garde / Independent music players: traditional heritage gutiars with a slight contemporary spice — that`s the style adored by many musicians
  • Guitar players from all over the world: we have experience shipping to USA, Europe, Japan, Australia, Latin America — worldwide!

Kononykheen guitars owners' feedback

  • 95% of guitar players who bought Kononykheen are satisfied
  • 63% of Kononykheen owners said it`s the best guitar for the price
  • 18% of Kononykheen owners bought another model shortly
  • 11% said they want to play Kononykheen guitars only


We know how to build excellent guitars and we truly love our job.

Love, Kononykheen Guitars Co.



We ship worldwide

We have experience of shipping to all continents except Antarctica. Usually shipment takes about 10-15 days, but it also depends on shipping destination. Don't worry about your Kononykheen, each guitar packed carefully and safely. Please note that order processing can take up to 3 days!


Visa / Mastercard / PayPal etc.

You can checkout with most popular payment systems right on our website. All transactions are safe and secure. Easy to pay, pleasant for play! If you are not sure that Kononykheen will fit you - no problem: you have a test drive period. And after that you can return guitar if it doesn’t meet your expectations. Please check Warranty & return policy for details

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